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The Bark! Promise

Our values

At Bark! We LOVE dogs!

1.Our number one priority is the comfort and care of your companion, after all they are family too! We make sure to work within the comfort level of your pet and believe your dog should enjoy it’s “day at the spa”. You can rest assured that our services will never be forced upon your furry friend.

2. Your groomer will take the time to discuss what you want. We are experienced in a variety of styles, ranging from practical and traditional to something more modern. We want to make sure that you leave satisfied with a grooming package most suitable for the needs of you and your pet.  You can also trust that your best friend will always leave feeling fresh, clean and smelling great!.*

3. Most important, your pet will leave the boutique looking great too! We always cover the essentials, all spa packages include clipped nails and ear cleaning.*

Disclaimer: *Grooming and bathing are carried out to the best of our ability based on the animals (dog’s) cooperation.